First you need a configuration files in order to configure AKHQ connections to Kafka Brokers.

Configuration file default path is /app/application.yml (for YML file), so expected to be at the same folder as AKHQ application files. Configuration file path can target any path through MICRONAUT_CONFIG_FILES environment variable, for example: MICRONAUT_CONFIG_FILES=/somepath/application.yml.


docker run -d \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -v /tmp/application.yml:/app/application.yml \

Stand Alone

Running in Kubernetes (using a Helm Chart)

Using Helm repository

  • Add the AKHQ helm charts repository:
helm repo add akhq
  • Install or upgrade
helm upgrade --install akhq akhq/akhq


  • Chart version >=0.1.1 requires Kubernetes version >=1.14
  • Chart version 0.1.0 works on previous Kubernetes versions
helm install akhq akhq/akhq --version 0.1.0

Using git

  • Clone the repository:
git clone && cd akhq/helm/akhq
helm install --name=akhq-release-name  .