AKHQ configuration


  • akhq.pagination.page-size number of topics per page (default : 25)

Avro Serializer

  • akhq.avro-serializer.json.serialization.inclusions is list of ObjectMapper serialization inclusions that is used for converting Avro message to more readable Json format in the UI. Supports Enums of JsonInclude.Include from Jackson library

Topic List

  • akhq.topic.internal-regexps is list of regexp to be considered as internal (internal topic can't be deleted or updated)
  • akhq.topic.stream-regexps is list of regexp to be considered as internal stream topic

Topic creation default values

These parameters are the default values used in the topic creation page.

  • akhq.topic.replication Default number of replica to use
  • akhq.topic.partition Default number of partition

Topic Data

  • akhq.topic-data.size: max record per page (default: 50)
  • akhq.topic-data.poll-timeout: The time, in milliseconds, spent waiting in poll if data is not available in the buffer (default: 1000).

Ui Settings


  • akhq.ui-options.topic.default-view is default list view (ALL, HIDE_INTERNAL, HIDE_INTERNAL_STREAM, HIDE_STREAM) (default: HIDE_INTERNAL)
  • akhq.ui-options.topic.skip-consumer-groups hide consumer groups columns on topic list
  • akhq.ui-options.topic.skip-last-record hide the last records on topic list

Topic Data

  • akhq.ui-options.topic-data.sort: default sort order (OLDEST, NEWEST) (default: OLDEST)