Groups allow you to limit user

Define groups with specific roles for your users

  • Default group for all the user even unlogged user

  • Groups map definition

    • key: a uniq key used as name if not specified
      • name: group-name Group identifier
      • roles: Roles list for the group
      • attributes.topics-filter-regexp: Regexp list to filter topics available for current group
      • attributes.connects-filter-regexp: Regexp list to filter Connect tasks available for current group
      • attributes.consumer-groups-filter-regexp: Regexp list to filter Consumer Groups available for current group


topics-filter-regexp, connects-filter-regexp and consumer-groups-filter-regexp are only used when listing resources. If you have topics/create or connect/create roles and you try to create a resource that doesn't follow the regexp, that resource WILL be created.

3 defaults group are available :

  • admin with all right
  • reader with only read access on all AKHQ
  • no-roles without any roles, that force user to login